About Us:

Six Syllable is an online clothing boutique that focuses on body positivity. We encourage our customers to focus on loving themselves a little more, and criticizing themselves a little less. With our without curves, you are beautiful just the way you are. 

Six Syllable was founded early in 2018 and started as live sales on Facebook. We love interaction with our customers and providing fun shows that allow our viewers to relax and laugh a little. Our live shows continue biweekly and take place on our Facebook page. Go check it out. We want to hang out with you! 

Currently we only offer women’s clothing, but have plans to expand extensively. Men’s clothes, kid’s clothes, and Six Syllable originals are on the docket. 

We hope you feel beautiful in the styles we have to offer, and that shopping with us makes your day a little brighter. If there is ever a style you would like to see, we always appreciate customer input. We receive new inventory weekly! Some inventory will be offered on our live shows first, and then the remainder will be posted on the website following the show. We are so glad you found us!


Alexa Kirk

As the owner and founder of Six Syllable, Alexa puts her heart and soul into finding cute and comfortable clothing that flatters all body types. She is a stay at home mama and recognizes the importance of feeling like you are in pajamas while avoiding the “tired mom” look.

She graduated from Utah State University with her degree in both Regular and Special Education. Her decision to stay home with her babies encouraged her to find something that allowed her to be “mom” while still feeling successful outside of the home, as well. Laughing, Disney, naps, cake and fitness are a few of her favorite things.